Hope Kidz say "Yes to Love", and "no to fear" with the release of their first album in June 2013. Their music stirs up hope in all generations, young and old, as this group of talented young stars sing boldly about their passion for God. 

Hope Kidz performances are energetic, fun, and an inspiration to audiences everywhere. They encourage kids to love Jesus, and allow Him to truly be Lord of their lives. Their songs invite God's message of Hope into every home, school, church, and heart with titles such as, Hope Arise, Light of Mine, Great Day, and more. In addition to their music, Hope Kidz offer video devotionals that teach other kids about solid Biblical truths that will lead to life and joy. Their stories and lyrics act as a bright example in today's world that needs guidance desperately. 

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You can download your copy of "Yes to Love" today through iTunes. If you are interested in inviting Hope Kidz to your school, church, or event, please contact Hope Media at 517-319-5764 or simply email us at hope@mounthopechurch.org

Hope Kidz Album Available on iTunes

Hope Kidz–"Yes to Love"
1. J E S U S (3:08)
2. God of Everything (2:31)
3. Because You Are King (3:26)
4. Yes to Love (2:12)
5. I Worship You (4:08)
6. I Bow Down (4:27)
7. Light of Mine (3:54)
8. Hope Arise (3:30)
9. We Dance (2:49)
10. Amen Hallelujah (3:40)
11. Great Day (2:28)

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